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I still love you Michael Guy

My once straight teeth are becoming somewhat not straight anymore. Oh dear.

My bottom teeth are the ones with the problem which is quite ironic considering that pre-braces they were almost perfect. I had a slight bend in my two front teeth (they turned into to each other creating a "V" like shape) but it was hardly noticeable. The majority of my dental problems were found on the upper portion of my teeth: an overbite and one tooth that was turned out. The tooth that was turned out was in the back of my mouth, out of sight, and my over bite wasn't affecting me at all. Regardless, my parents wanting to give me the very best, took me to get it all fixed.

I had my braces are for less than two years - I got them on in the middle of 6th grade and taken off before 8th grade had barely began - and was fitted for two retainers: A pop out once for my upper teeth and a permanent once for my bottom teeth.

Like most teens, I pretty much stopped wearing my pop out retainer after a few months mostly because I forgot. Remembering to wear you retainer while dealing with the pressures of high school strife AND juggling mass amount of homework is nearly impossible.

I'm happy to say my upper teeth are still in pristine condition despite the fact my pop out retainer doesn't fit anymore. Oops. Perhaps they aren't as pristine as I make them out to be.

Senior year rolled around and *tada* my normally brilliant orthodontist decided that taking out my permanent retainer was the best choice for me. I was adamantly against it even admitting to him that I'd never wear the pop out but he insisted it was for the best and that he had complete faith in my retainer wearing abilities.

Six years later and I am first wearing it now.

My bottom teeth are seriously getting jacked up. I don't think it's TOO noticeable yet but I'm still worried. I'm going to wear this retainer for a week and see if there are any minor improvements but if not, back to the orthodontist I go hoping and praying it doesn't cost a lot of money to fix them. And please oh please god let it NOT involve getting braces again. I'd cry forever.

Anyone else neglect to wear their retainers?

In all honesty, teeth never bothered me. I never look at a person's dental condition *cough MICHAEL GUY cough* however if this past year taught me anything, everyone else - boys, girls, mom's, dad's, grandparents - seem to. Who knew teeth were SUCH a big deal?

EDIT: Upon reviewing my retainer, it appears that my teeth have molded it into a new shape which now mirrors the exact silhouette of my jacked teeth. Consider "Operation Wear Retainer" a total and utter failure.
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