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There is Nothing Left to Say

About me:

I am a girl.
I have brown hair.
I live in Wisconsin.
I play with numbers all day long despite the fact that I HATED math in school.
I like iced green tea with lemon.
I like being a loner at times and enjoy locking myself in our basement with my sewing machine.
I love my cellphone to pieces even though it's old and totally out of date at this point.
I often wish I was someone else that I'm not.
I am a proud Jesus kid that doesn't go around preaching and proudly has Atheist friends.
I don't judge people unless they do wrong onto me or my friends.
I aspire to be a great person like my father one day. He's the greatest, kindest, gentlest, most caring person I'll ever know.

I'm 95% ready to commit to being a vegetarian but can't seem to let go of my love for all seafood. Lame. I play my iPod (George) continuously and am worried that one day it'll give me a big middle finger wave in the air and will refuse to turn on ever again. Double Lame. I have yet to enroll in my company's 401K program even though I've been eligible for three years. Ridiculous. Lastly, I have big plans this summer to finally steal Dave's blue sweatshirt. Double Ridiculous.