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Rant, Rave....THE RAVE!

Holler who saw Hanson this weekend at The Rave?!

Yep. that's what I thought. That's fine. I still had a blast!

Sure the setlist was a little on the bland side. And yes Ike did go out into full depression mode and sang songs of death and despair which only made me, Krista, and Amanda cry because we all lost special grandparents this year. And true, I felt very woozy and weak after the acoustic hour but that aside - a kick ass time was had. I promise it was good. There isn't a hint of sarcasm in my tone.

I actually don't think I ever danced that much at a Hanson show before. Sure I bop around but usually I'm smushed up against a barricade and packed in SO tight that my ribs practically break under the pressure. Normal Hanson scenarios usually only allow me to jump up and down. Not this time. We danced, wiggled our hips 'n shimmied our way through "Can't Stop", danced some more, broke it down Jonathan Cook style, and went into full TWEEN MELTDOWN during "If Only". That song totally took all of our energy. It was like it was 1998 and we were 12 again. Total chaos and screams. Ha.

And then came the infamous emotional breakdown from Ike.

Isaac: *strums guitar* So....not to be morbid or anything ---
Zac: *interrupts* -- but clearly you are going to be.
Isaac: Yep, I'm going to be....

He then reminded us how horrible the AIDS epidemic is in Africa and how not only children lose parents but parents in return lose children. Way to bring down the mood Ike. I chose not to listen to the song and tuned it out pretty good. Then *tada* in an effort to make me cry, Ike then started "Watch Over Me" which, I'll admit, was a favorite of mine off the new album. Sure it's kind of sad but it's also uplifting....until Ike put his morbid stamp on it.

Ike: *in the middle of the song* You know, you gotta live every day like it's your last day. You might not live until tomorrow. You want to live each day to its fullest. COME ON EVERYONE AND SING LIKE THIS THE LAST SONG YOU'LL EVER SIIIIIING!!!!!!"

I wanted to punch him in the throat. That's when I finally broke down and cried. Isaac won. He made us all cry. I hate him.

What else what else....
Can they please start doing better covers?! Please? With the exception of a small handful, their covers are usually pretty lame. Zac looked like it he wanted to shoot himself in the foot during most of the set but during Ike's cover, he looked especially ready take a bullet in the toe. Poor dude.

Ooooh and the new songs!! I love them. I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love them. They are great. They are perfect. I want them. I'm SO ready for a new album - everyone is - and the songs were embraced by all with open arms. Two thumbs up. Great. So great.

The walk was also pretty great. Isaac and Taylor were in great spirits the entire walk. It was so nice to see. Taylor also gave the most inspirational speech I've heard to date at the midway point. Wow. I wish I would have gotten it on film because it left me completely uplifted and full of life. Props to Taylor and his eloquent way of speaking.  

The boys played for a solid two hours that night which normally calls for a YAY but that meant we didn't leave Milwaukee till after midnight. With a long drive ahead of us, we packed it up pretty fast and chose not to sit by the buses. Poor choices I think because judging by my Hanson facebook friends, everyone was able to get individual photos with Zac. Ooops. Oh well. Who cares at this point anymore? Besides I'm pretty sure the three of us looked like a hot mess because we had all managed to soak our clothes in our own sweat. Blah.

Ending on a positive note, on the way back we determined how lucky we are to be part of such a special thing. Hanson will always hold a special place in our hearts and our times spent at shows are always individually amazing and magical. I don't care if normal people outside our Hanson bubble dislike them; I much prefer it that way. The less people invading our unique fun world, the better. There is nothing like being at one of their shows. While people try to compare my experiences to their own magical experiences with other bands - it's not the same. It's something that can't be understood by anyone unless you are already a part of it.

It's almost cult like but I love it. We have secret handclaps, dances, inside jokes, hand moves, and special quotes that no one else knows that, no doubt, none of us will ever take the time to share it with you. We know every "oo", "ahh", and breath they take.

There is no where else I'd rather be than a Hanson show. And that fact makes me a fan for life through the good and the bad times. To those who laugh in my face and burn their albums - thank you for not taking up space in our special world. There simply isn't enough room for you.

Furthermore to the same people who jeer them in their faces despite all the good they are doing for the world - it jus shows how closed minded you all are. How is it possible that people can't get passed ONE song that was written when the Hanson boys were CHILDREN?  Because that's what they were. Just children.

It makes me angry that people discredit the good Hanson is doing for others just because they can't get over the distaste for a single song. The amount of hostile "hate" type message I got over the weekend for the bulletin/blog I posted makes me ashamed of the world we live in. I'm not asking anyone to be a Hanson fan but I am asking you to look past the music and look at the cause because the cause is bigger than music "issue" - it's bigger than all of us.

So much for ending on a positive note? Awkward.

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