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I really must have been sleep deprived when I finally crashed on Monday night. I stayed in the exact same position all night and slept through my alarm the next morning. 


1. I never stay in the same spot all night long. I'm notorious for finding my blankets on my floor in the morning.

2. I have never EVER slept through an alarm before.


Yikes. Bikes.


Go pick up the new AP magazine.


What else, what else....


On Sunday Angst and I spent the day in Milwaukee shopping and went to the Rave see Relient K that night where we found our favorite Ludo Amanda.




Right. So it was Relient K's headlining tour but we totally didn't go to see Relient K. In typical Angst and Lyons fashion, we meant merely to see all the opening bands. Why do we continue to do that? Bah. It's not really a waste like you might think though. Let's say a tour has three openers and that we like all three openers. And let's say they play 30 minutes each. That's an hour and half of good times and music. TOTALLY worth it. 


First up that night was House of Heroes. On the way down, Amanda was insistent that we had seen them before. I kept telling her that she was wrong and she only thought that because their band name was a mix of other band names. Turns out I was wrong. We HAD seen them before. Oops. Anyway I fully enjoyed their set and found myself bopping around. I believe they even through in a cover? Maybe? I can't recall.


Next up was This Providence. I have to be honest; I have a really hard time getting through their album. I'm not sure what it is but I'm honestly tried multiple times to get through it at least once. It has yet to happen. I went in knowing one song, the name escapes me but it was on our merch myspace for a while, and upon finding out that it was going to be played, I was content sitting through the rest of their songs.


I'm happy to report that they won me over. This Providence = good in my book. I really enjoyed their songs live and they even brought tears to my eyes during their "acoustic" hour. The song that was sang was the ultimate love song in my opinion and I pray to God that one day I find someone that loves me that much. *sigh*


After suicide threats from Amanda, the ultimate love song left her in an ultimate depression mode, we started to psych ourselves up for Ludo who we haven't seen since Warped. The amount of times we've seen Ludo in a year span is ridiculous. Correction, ALL the bands we've seen multiple times in this one year span is ridiculous. Bah but who cares what people think man. Nothing beats live music in my book.


Ludo apparently has a "temporary" replacement bass player and the future of Marshall being in the band is TBA. I know nothing else. That's all I got via the stage so don't ask man.


I have to say, I really really really really liked the new guy. He totally changed the dynamic of the band for the best and was SO playful. It was definitely the most fun Ludo set to watch. Ludo was already a super fun awesome band this guy just brought them up to an even higher level. Can the new guy stay? Please?! He can quit his other band, right? I'm foreseeing a TON of positive responses being thrown their way.


A few days ago, I had actually told Angst my theory of bass players always being the one to leave the band and what generally happens afterward.*TADA* it looks like it might hold true for Ludo so in all fairness, if my theory hold up.....that only means great things for Ludo. The only bass player exit that has left me in tears was Aaron and sadly, my theory upheld in Locksley's situation too. You will forever be missed Aaron Collins. 


We of course, ended up mostly not watching Relient K. I did get to hear the ONE song I knew by them so that was good enough for me. Usually when we go to shows just for the opening bands, I don't get to hear the one song I know: e.g. The Spill Canvas. Eventually we wandered outside where we found ourselves standing next to a a dude who had learned the harsh lesson that the Rave is notorious for not only being shady with bands but how artfully good they are ripping them off. Everyone please add them on myspace - - because I feel bad that they came in completely unaware of the situation they were putting themselves in.


I love the Rave to pieces, it will always be my home away from home, but I hate how shiesty they can be to bands who can barely afford to drive there let alone eat up the costs of the unused tickets they end up with. Bah.


They turned out to be okay dudes, I only remember a Jordan and a Jesse; not that it matters because they all thought everyone's name was Amanda. Regardless, add them or tell your friends to add them, please? I throw my support to anyone with a good heart and ambition. It's a hard knock life out there man.


P.S. Did you pick up the AP magazine yet? What are you waiting for man? I picked my copy after work Monday:


Me: *hands magazine to cashier*

Cashier: *raises eyebrow* Well don't you look giddy buying this magazine.

Me: Oh. Well....ha.....


If you only knew lady. Oh if you only knew....

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