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Let's Start The Show

Breaking news: Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift have broken up via the telephone. The end of "TOE" has arrived.

I just felt the need to share since 90% of my friends list on livejournal reported the same news. I forgot to tell The Kid this morning but eh....she'll find out eventually I'm sure. Her Jonas Brother 'tween radar is always on.

Anyone watch Project Runway? I am BEYOND upset. I really wanted Jarell, Leanne, and Korto to make it to the end that way, no matter who won...I'd be elated and happy. But nooooo....they eliminated Jarrell and kept KENLEY?! In the years I've watched Project Runway there has only been one other person that I've despised as much as Kenley and that person was the malicious Wendy Pepper.

I don't like Kenley's attitude, I don't like that fact that Kenley is stuck in the 1940's, I don't like her laugh, I don't like her designs, I don't like the way she treats Tim, I don't like the way she talks to the judges, I don't like that she's SUPER disrespectful towards the other designers when they are on the runway, I don't like ANYTHING about her but by far the worst thing about her is her attitude. They should have eliminated her just for her sour and pompous demeanor.

Newsflash to Kenley, no one will want to work with you with an attitude like that. Where is Fern Mallis when you need her? The best advice Fern has ever given aspiring big designers is: STAY HUMBLE AND POLITE. Arrogance won't get you anywhere.

If Kenley wins PR, consider me voiding the show from my life. I really really really really really really want Leanne to win. She's my favorite by far but in case she doesn't win, I'd be just as happy if Korto would win. Bah next week should be interesting.

My time at the YMCA has been going well. The scale still hasn't moved - I've been at this for about 14 weeks now so you know, you'd think I'd see some changes....even if just my clothes would fit better - but it looks like I'm a sitting duck.

Our trainer is pregnant, she's due in February, and so the time she spends with us is limited. On the days she doesn't come in, we have a sub that comes in who I kind of despise. I don't like the way she works us out, I don't like the fact that she doesn't participate with us, and I don't like that she had SUCH an attitude with me because I was lifting with "ONLY" a 9 pound bar.

Listen up lady, I have really weak arms. The fact that I can even pick up the 9 pound bar and use without hurting myself is a miracle in itself. My arms are little and I have zero muscle tone in them. If they made a smaller bar, believe me, I'd be reaching for that one instead. When I do two free weights instead of the bar, the max amount I pick is up 2 or 3 pound dumbbells.

So let's do a little math. If I have two 3 pound dumbbells....that equals the equivalent to a.....9 pound bar! According to my calculations, I'm right on track. *shakes fist*

So 8 more days until the big fun weekend. I'm slightly concerned about a shirt dress I recently bought that I planned to wear that weekend. Despite the fact that my parents insisted that it wasn't short...I can't but help feel self conscience. I'm the last person in the world that will show any skin so the fact that the dress
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