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Dyed by her own hand....

I just come to a conclusion:

What ever signal Amanda and I send out to Jonathan’s radar is clearly the same one I sent out to Mr. Morris's radar. Both are done un-intentionally and I wish those vibes would be sent to the boys I actually adore.

I threw up twice yesterday when I was working out. Right. Like you really wanted to know that, hmm? In all fairness though, you ARE in fact reading MY livejournal and I can pretty much talk about whatever I want. You can either chose to close the window or continue on.

Again, I threw up twice yesterday when I was working out. The people around me think it happened either because: 1. I ate a mere 20 minutes prior to my workout or because 2. The trainer worked out us a little too hard yesterday. I personally think it's a combination of the two. Regardless, I got sick, proceeded to toss my cookies, pounded some water, shook it off, and went back out where I finished my workout. Dedication or absurdity?

I felt very Travis Barker like because as soon as I left, I remembered an episode of the "Meet The Barkers" where Travis wandered into absurdity land too. If I remember correctly, he was on this stationary bike sweating up a storm when he grabbed his water bottle to take a drink. As he sipped, he tasted something warm and slighty salty and *tada* he had taken a drink of his own urine. Mmm. Apparently when he's working out, he's determined not to stop so to aid his dedication, he used a bottle to relieve himself. However that's not the point to my story even though that's pretty ridiculous in itself. Instead of jumping off his bike to....well I don't know....dry heave, brush his teeth, ect....he screamed out in horror but continued peddling his bike. Why? He still had 3 minutes and 25 seconds to go. Like me, he wasn't going to stop until he finished a proper work out.

I feel that we have the same workout mentality and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Anywho, off I go to search for the ultimate west hollywood black dress that is sure to make Caleb do a double take and maybe trip a little. So jazzed ;)
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