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"Guys I changed the car icon on my GPS to a Chipotle burrito..."

Bah last weekend! Totz fun.

Locksley. Window shopping in Chicago. Forever 21 heaven/hell. iPhone cases. Fisheye lenses. John McCain for Grandpa stickers. The Beat Kitchen. Veggie burgers and pizza. Ear piercing shrieks from the 15 yr olds in the first few rows. "Darlin' It's True". Dramatic sign language. GPS's. Fog. ROCK THE VOTE.

My only question, "Where is Aaron Collins"?! *giggles* I joke. It's only a joke man.

After the show, I found out that Sam never made it down to the Rave pool because was locked. Curses! The quest to the Rave pool continues for all of us. I must remember to send him those youtube clips I found the other day. One of the videos I found gave me the ultimate creeps but yet....made me want to venture down there even MORE. Bananas.

Oh and Locksley on a tour bus? So swanky.



P.S. The openers rocked man. The Hymns = ridiculously good and fun. I was already digging them after the first song but they completely took a piece of my heart when they covered "American Girl". Any band that covers that particular song automatically has both my stamp of approval and my praise. Go add them on the your space on the internet and shove them in your top friends. They deserve me. Have I steered you wrong yet? I didn't think so. Go go go!

P.P.S. After you are done friending The Hymns on your space, go outside to your nearest newsstands at pick up the new AP magazine if you haven't yet ;)
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