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Must. Find. Privately. Sponsered. Cheer. Program. In. Texas.

Good weekend.

I apologize for the lack of update as of late. Apparently I have a life outside of livejournal? Gah and I have yet to properly update about our "no destination" roadtrip that put us in St. Louis. The debauchery and ridiculousness that happened that weekend will forever be burned in my memory but at least, unlike Angst, I'm missing some key visuals. However, the more I think about it, I almost rather have the real images burned in my eyes because what I'm imagining in my head I think is a little worse.


Bottom line: That roadtrip was probably the WORST roadtrip I've ever been on but because it was so god awful - it's probably my favorite and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Again, that entry will strictly be friends only to protect the wholesome Capri Sun perfect image of a band that is adored by so many tweens. Snap I've already said too much.

Angst and I spent practically our entire weekend in Milwaukee at Tuner Hall and at...a cheerleading competition. That's right, a cheerleading competition. Amanda said it best when she said, "I feel like we stepped into a mini 'Bring It On.'" Ha. It was so true. Everywhere you turned there were mini cheerleaders everywhere in full on glitter, make-up, sparkly spanx's, and high ponytails. The world of competitive cheerleading a serious and costly one...and I fully plan on making my future daughter do it.

Why wasn't I a privately sponsored cheerleader when I was 5 years old?! I was DEPRIVED of such an amazing technicolor world.

That's where we spend a part of our day on Sunday, in West Bend, watching kids do backflips and dance formations to the music of High School Musical and the Jonas Brothers. Amanda's cousin's daughter is part of the Green Bay Elite Team - who's outfits were pretty poppin' - and she totally nailed all of her flips. So cute. I think some of their cheer footage might end up in a future Merch Girl video blog. Ha. Stay tuned just in case.

Saturday we went to Turner Hall to see Cavashawn and part of Northern Room's last show..ever. I'm not quite sure Northern Room called it quits, I think calling Michael or Micah personally asking them would cross over into the "awkward" territory, so I'll just leave it up to speculation I guess. Amanda and I, as usual, shopped at Bayshore Mall - our shopping consists of Forever 21 and the Apple Store - so by the time we made it down to Turner Hall - the traffic for the Bucks game was bananas.

Alright who knew there was a Bucks game that night? I had no idea. After circling for 15 minutes - and pretty much reliving our G's on T's memories we had back in May - we finally settled into a parking garage where we received a super awesome parking spot which was deemed the "cute girl" parking spot after being denied a "cute girl" discount on parking. Ha. Gotta take what you can get, right?

Inside Chelsey found us right away and we settled into spots on the left. I'm not sure what it is about the left side but that's where I always seem to gravitate towards at any show. Is there a theory behind it? Anyone? Because I certainly don't know why we always end up on the left. Cavashawn of course played a good set, I'm pretty sure Chelsey walked away a fan if she wasn't already, and let's not forget to mention the older tall bald headed man in the crowd. Judging by his bouncing and arm gestures, I think he had the best time out of everyone in the crowd ;)

Anyway add them on myspace if you haven't already:

P.S. I found two dresses at Forever 21 for my birthday. Both are short puffy pretend faux satin dresses - one red and one purple-ish one - and Amanda suggested I pull a Super Sweet Sixteen move by having an outfit change. Thoughts? I think I've pretty much settled on wearing the red one just because it's such a "LOOK AT ME!!!!1111oneoneone" dress but I'll post photos nevertheless.

Let the birthday countdown begin: 11 days.
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