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Time out - but keep the tapes rollin'

So long TRL - it was nice knowing you.

Who watched the "last" TRL episode last night? *raises hand in the air* I did. Carson Daily came back to host and it was such an AWESOME trip down memory lane. The Kid watched a small part of it with me and she was of course totally unaware of how amazing TRL used to be. It made me kind of sad that she missed out on all the goodness and would have no great memories of those kooky VJ's of years past.

Jesse Camp, Dave Holmes, Quddus, and Hilary Burton all made appearances which, of course, left me nostalgic. Who remembers the VJ search? I remember that I was too young to enter when they had it but I voted pretty hardcore for Dave Holmes who..sadly..lost. In the end, Dave got the last laugh since he was a more permanent fixture on MTV than Jesse could ever hope to be.

And who remembers when Quddus used to "co-host" Mandy Moore's show on MTV? Ahh the memories.

John Norris also made a appearance, who I'm pretty sure is still employed with MTV, and the only person that was missing was the one...the only...Kurt Loder. God I love those guys. I remember when I used to only watch MTV on the weekends and 10 minutes to the hour, every hour either: John, Kurt, or Serena would pop on my TV and give me latest news. I loved it. It was if they kept me company if I was home alone.

Overall - great send off - and I'm not going to lie I'm probably going to watch it again.

P.S. Who else feels that TRL already died back when Carson left the show? Mmm. That's what I thought.

On another note: I went to the Rave on Friday to see Mayday Parade and All Time Low. First of all, the show was advertised as 'sold out' on the marquee and even through it was packed to the brim - the box office was STILL selling tickets to people who were coming. I know because I stood in line at the will call window, at the guest list window, at the 2nd will call window downstairs, AND the the 3rd will call window also located downtstairs. I couldn't believe they were still selling tickets. The last time I remember the Rave being that packed was when I saw Regina Spektor October 2007. Bodies all sandwiched in, no breathing room, yet everyone, like at the show on Friday, was happy. The main difference between the Regina show and the ATL show is the lack of moshing. Obviously everyone at Regina stood perfectly still 'n silent while she played and at the ATL show - it was like we were back at Bamboozle fighting for our lives.


Right. Slight exaggeration but it did bring back Bamboozle memories. I entered the Rave a lot later than I had anticipated - I circled the Rave for a solid 25 minutes looking for a spot and ended up in a really questionable part of a street we sometimes park on. The street itself wasn't really the problem - it was the location of the street that I chose that was iffy. As I was walking to the Rave, keys in hand and phone in the other,, two police officers on bikes gave me the once over. The look was pure, "What. In. The. Hell. Is. This. Girl. Doing. Here." which of course made me more nervous than I already was. One of them peddled closer to me and asked if I was okay and with a frantic nervous wave of my hand I shouted, "Oooh I'm fine!!! Thank you!!!" and kept speed walking. Looking back, I probably should have asked them to walk me up to Wisconsin Ave. Ooops.

Before I go any further or before you start calling me a baby/wuss/whatever let me say this:

I am not afraid of The Rave. I'm not afraid of the neighborhood it's in or the contents inside the venue itself. Now the venue is certainly not in Mr. Rodger's neighborhood but as long as you don't venture too far from it - you're okay. Now where I parked that night, that was something to be afraid about.

Needless to say, as soon as I got in, I pretty much kissed the floor and felt good again. After I was sent all over for my will call tickets, I made it inside the club where there was of sea of people surging towards the stage, crowd surfing, and moshing in some areas. I was convinced I'd never find Amanda in that mess who for the record, I did find eventually.

I nestled myself on our traditional left side next to a pillar and maneuvered my way up as close as I could. It's habit really. I don't mean to get uber close to the stage but my concert instincts kick in and I also find myself moving with the crowd or moving up to an open spot that becomes available. I blame Hanson for that.

I was not by any means a Mayday Parade fan. I hadn't really listened to their music, I hadn't seen them live, and really was only there to see All Time Low. Well damn. I left a mega fan. They TOTALLY won me over hardcore. I fell in love. Mayday Parade for the win. It was pretty hard NOT to walk away a fan with the atmosphere that was in that room that night. Everyone in the crowd was so enthusiastic and full of love for that band that it was over the top infectious. I was so happy I got to be part of it.

As for All Time Low - I'm glad I finally got to see them. I probably will not ever spend the money to see just them again but they kept me entertained. Their light show, however, was something less to be desired. They took a page right of Coldplay and it was seriously over the top. I started to feel nauseous and I'm pretty I was on the verge of a seizure. Not cool. I popped on my sunglasses to help and I was semi okay the rest of the night.

I'm off to go listen to my super awesome new Mayday Parade album! *high kick* *jazz hands*
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