Annalee (ann_leigh) wrote,

I'm always on the search

Fact:  My sister - The Kid - hates jokes and being teased.

Fact: My whole life is one big joke and I'm hardly ever serious - especially when it comes to that kid. 

I constantly am cracking jokes, being sarcastic, and teasing the hell out of her.  She then response with tears and anger. Our personalities clash like WHOA.  If we weren't sisters, I'm pretty sure we'd never speak.

Anyway, I already forgot what we were talking about on the phone earlier but she said something that prompted me to say, "Well just for that, I'm keeping your Christmas present for myself.  You aren't getting one for me."

Her Christmas present: an assortment of Jonas Brothers buttons and photos from our time at their show at Summerfest.

Clearly things I don't want for myself - except for maybe the Joe Jonas pin.  I might sneak that into my pillow at night. Ssshh. Don't tell.  It's something about his wavy dark messy hair that gets me every time.  Le sigh.  And I know, I know - he's a lot younger than me.  What else is new in my world?  MOVING ON and going back to my story:

The Kid bursted out into a fit of anger and hung up on me.  Awesome.  Cue my father calling me back .0005 seconds later asking me what I said to make her so upset.

Me: "A joke. A mere joke that I was going to keep her Christmas present for myself"
My dad: " Well she's thirteen years old Annalee.  13 year old still believe you if you say they aren't going to get their X-Mas presents"


Really dad?  I think I might want to argue that.  I mean, she's 13 years old!!  You know, I'm pretty sure The Kid is NOT ready for high school next year if she's really going to act like that over a joke.  I'm suddenly even more worried for her.

Back on the Joe Jonas topic, can someone find me an older version of him?  Someone slightly dumb, funny, and shares the same humor as me with dark wavy thick hair? Thanks. I greatly appreciated.
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